Bangladeshi Student Organization

at North Dakota State University

Path to USA and North Dakota State University

Bangladeshi Student Organization (BSO) congratulates you on your admission to NDSU. Welcome to our community. Let us assure you that the Bangladeshi community is keen to receive you amongst us. We look forward to productive and synergistic interactions. 


Office of International Program 

US Embassy at Dhaka 

VISA Process

I-20 and VISA 

After obtaining VISA 

Here are some basic information that you might find useful on your arrival.

  • What is the best place to live (apartment or accommodation)?

    You have four options (University Village, Niskanen Apartments, Residence Hall, off-campus).

  • University Village: University village is the cheapest place to live where 3 people share an apartment. This is convenient to live and university campus is in 10 min walking distance and by bus it will take about 5 min to go to campus. All most all Bangladeshi students live in the University Village. The process of renting an apartment: you have to go to the link of international office of NDSU and you will find which person is looking for roommate. You have to send them email individually and finalize the apartment through email. After your arrival you will go for the paper work in the office of Residence Life In the university village, internet is free. For food, you have to cook yourself or share with your roommate and cost of food is usually $100-$200 per month based on your style of consumption.

  • Niskanen: Niskanen apartments are little expensive than university village apartments and you can check the rent ( You have to share your room if you choose a two bedroom apartment with 3 other people. It takes 10 min to walk to the campus or 5 min by bus to go to campus. Check available room for rent, visit the following link ( and send email to the person who posted it. In niskanen apartments, internet and electricity is free.

  • Residence Hall: Residence Hall is the most expensive place to live and you have to buy meal plan for every semester and you cannot cook yourself. Mostly, American undergraduate student live there. The rates are given here ( Moreover, during summer and winter break you cannot stay in the hall. You have to manage to live somewhere else by yourself. If you are interested to live in residence hall, please visit the link and apply there In residence hall, internet is free.

  • Off-Campus: Off-campus housing is expensive and you can find some people looking for roommate ( Usually, rent is higher than university village and Niskanen and you have to pay for internet. The other way of finding a suitable off-campus apartment is to visit ( and communicate with them.

  • Coming with your family (wife) and/or kids: you can live in the university village by renting a single bed room apartment and rent will be $510 as rent + $30 for electricity. You have to go the link ( and apply for the apartment before coming here and pay online. For any further queries about university village feel free to call them at  (701) 231-7557(701) 231-7557. You can look for the off-campus housing by searching for it in craiglist (


  • If you need further clarification or information about housing, please feel free to communicate with anyone of the committee member or email to [email protected], [email protected]

  • What is Fargo, NDSU's hometown, like?                                                                                           

    • Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota State. In comparison to Dhaka, Fargo is a medium sized city with adjacent Morehead and  West Fargo with all necessary amenities that are easily available. It is a nice and quite place within four hours driving distance of the major cities of Minneapolis, one hour driving from Bismark, Grand Forks etc. 


  • What type of climate can I expect?

    Summers has very nice weather and winters are cold , chilly and wet. Usually it snows.

  • How to reach NDSU?

    Hector International Airport, Fargo is 10-15 min away from NDSU.

  • Can I get airport pick up service?

    Yes, you can get airport pick up service but you have to inform BSO (Krisna Kundu) or any of the committee members or Office of International Program of NDSU

    For additional information please email at [email protected] or [email protected]


  • What should I bring with me?

    1. Bring warm and cold weather clothes. Don't forget about sleeping suit, jeans and t-shirts (think about the temperature in summer and winter and prepare accordingly). If you wear corrective lenses, bring an extra set for examinations or replacement. Books are expensive here, so bring books that you feel you may need. If you really like deshi food, don't forget to bring the spices. Learn basic Bangladeshi cooking before you come. If possible, learn how to drive and obtain an international driving license (English version). Bring some photograph of the happy events and persons you love and will leave back home. We recommend to even bring stationary items like paper, envelope, pencil, stapler, pen, marker, James' clip etc. If I were you, I would have questioned myself: what things I need everyday when I wake up in the morning till at night when I go to bed and then try to accumulate them as much as I could. From my own experience, it helped me immensely. The following is a sample list:

    2. Dress: Coat+pant+tie, Pant (jeans 4peice, gavadin 1-2, formal pant 1, Trousers 2, Iner ties 6, Short pant or three quarter 2, Lungi 2 (if want to use them), T-shirt/polo-shirt/full-sleeve T-shirt at least 8, Formal shirt 2, Sando genji 3, High-neck iner 6, Under wear 6, Shocks 10 pairs cotton, Heavy jacket 2, Sweater 2, Hand gloves 2, Muffler 2, Woollen cap 2, monkey cap 2, Shoe formal 1, keds 1 pair, Sleeper 1-2 pair for room use, 1 pair for out going.

    School: School bag 1, Calculator 1, Stapler with pin, Pen 2, Pencil with lead (2), Glue ? gum 1, Envelope small + big(A4), Eraser 3, Pen drive, Passport size photo 12, Stamp size photo 6, Small purse(like My clear bag: 2/3) for pen, pencil.

    Cosmetics: Body lotion, Snow cream, Shampoo, Leap gel, Hair gel, Body spray, Tooth paste, Tooth brush, Shaving cream, After shave, Razor with spare blade, Soap, Liquid soap, Comb ( if needed), Nail cutter.

    Luggage with arm and wheel (best quality), Money bag, Spectacles at least 2 pairs, Single bed sheet with pillow cover 1, Towel 2, Small lock for luggage, Shoe shiner.

    Laptop: Software, specially operating software like windows, office, etc. Head phone with mouth piece, all necessary software. Software is really expensive here.

    Others: Spices to prepare Bangladesh food at least for 6 months, Fast aid box (paracetamol, pain killer, Metronidazol, avomin, individual requirement).

    Please don?t bring too much Paper/khata

    Note: Most of the time, you will wear jeans. Don?t buy more than two formal shirt and two formal pant. Nobody wears these here. Since you will use T-shirt in the class, its quality should be good. We suggest you buy your blanket from here. The price is same. Thus you can save at least 3 kg weight. Spectacles are expensive here. So if you use spectacles, it is wise to bring two pairs. Luggage with arm and wheel, of course very good quality, is preferable. You can buy shoes/keds from here at the same price level with possibly better quality than in Bangladesh.


  • Do I need to carry cash?

    Obviously you will carry traveler's check. You can carry maximum $ 5000 cash (please check the rule). During your journey, you should carry around two hundred dollars in cash. 


    After arriving USA, have some coins with you. you can make phone call by $0.25. if any changes in your itinerary or plane delay, inform the person with whom you have primary communication

  • What should I do now?

    Whatever you do, don't forget to contact us at the earliest. We will try our best to provide you with emotional, logistical and cultural support.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with further queries (or send email to [email protected] and [email protected])

 We are looking forward to seeing you!