Bangladeshi Student Organization

at North Dakota State University

Executive Committee of BSO NDSU

Every year a new committee is formed. New committee starts their journey in every June based on election.The current committee as elected on May 2016 for the year of 2016-2017 is as follows: 

Current Committee (2017-2018)  





AGM Rakibuzzaman

[email protected]

 Vice President 

Naqib Hossain

[email protected]


Faisal Hussein

[email protected]


Md Daulat Hossain

[email protected]

CSO Representative

Jayanta Roy

[email protected]

Public Relation Coordinator

Shibli Mir

[email protected]


Year 2016-2017  

Position NameEmail 
 President Israt Jahan[email protected]
 Vice President Mostafa Ahsan[email protected]
 TreasurerArka Biswas[email protected]
 Secretary Javed A. Mohammed[email protected]
Cultural Secretary & Web MasterNaqib Hossain[email protected]
CSO RepresentativeIntiaz Amin Priam[email protected]
Community & External Affairs Co-ordinatorKrishna Kundu[email protected]

Year 2015-2016

Position  NameEmail 
 President  Md. Mizanur Rahaman [email protected]
 Vice President  Md Faisal Kabir [email protected]
 Treasurer Ashiq Adnan [email protected]
 Secretary  Sayeed Zebaul Haque Sajal 
 [email protected]
 CSO Representative and Cultural Secretary
 Niloy Saha 
 [email protected]
 Public Relations Officer and Sports Secretary
 Sumon Datta
 [email protected]

 Year 2014-2015

Postition NameEmail 
 President  Md. Jahidul Anar [email protected]
 Vice President  Muhammad Arifuzzaman [email protected] 
 Treasurer Lutfur Rahman [email protected]
 Secretary  Md. A. Habib (Shiplu) [email protected]
 CSO representative Nazmul Ahsan [email protected] 
 Public Relations Officer Md. Molla (Shahan) [email protected] 
 Webmaster Rahmanul Hoque [email protected] 


Year 2013-2014

Postition  Name Email 
 President  Md Rezwanul Parvez [email protected]
 Vice President  Mohammad Enayet Hossain [email protected]
 Treasurer MD Sharijad Hasan [email protected]
  Secretary Lutfur Rahman [email protected]
 CSO representative Debjit Roy [email protected]u
 Public Relations Officer 1 Umma Rashid [email protected]
 Public Relations Officer 2 Intiaz Chowdhury [email protected]
 Webmaster Rahmanul Hoque [email protected]

Year 2012-2013

Postition Name  Email 
 President  Shah Limon  [email protected]
 Vice President  Mohammad Yasin Sumon [email protected]
 Treasurer Muhammad Arifuzzaman [email protected]
 Secretary Kutubuddin Syed [email protected]
 CSO representative Lutfur Rahman [email protected]
 Public Relations Officer Rahmanul Hoque [email protected]
 Webmaster Mohammad Imamul Hossain [email protected]

  Year 2011-2012

   Post  Name Email 
  President  Mohammad Raisul Islam [email protected]
 Vice President  Md. Mofigul Islam Molla [email protected]
 Treasurer Md. Jahid Anar [email protected]
 Secretary Md. Junaid Arafeen [email protected]

  For the year 2010-2011

 Position Name Email 
  President  Md. Mahabubur Rahman Khan [email protected]
 Vice President Md. Zillur Rahman Patwary [email protected]
 Treasurer Md. Mehedi Hasan [email protected]
 Secretary Syed Shihab Ullah [email protected]
 CSO representative Masud Aziz [email protected]
 Public Relations Officer Mohammad Kayser [email protected]
 Webmaster Md. Minhaz Chowdhury  [email protected]